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We are team of Russian young engineers dealing with pellet heating equipment. We are selling pellets and heating equipment that using pellets as a primary fuel (heaters, boilers, pellet burners) in Moscow and Moscow region.

We are working on this market since 2006 and our company is one of the pioneers of Russian pellet market.

At the present time despite the fact, that more than 500 000 tons of Russian pellets goes to Europe countries, Russian market of pellets and pellets equipment is at the very beginning of its developing. There are only 3 companies offering pellet heaters in Russia right now and less than 5 brands of pellet boilers and burners.

However there are a lot obstacles on this way such as lack of pellet distribution system, lack of pellet standards and others.

We are open for all types of cooperation. Feel free to call.

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Roman Ivanov
Manager Director

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